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Exciting Features on the Horizon: DeckFilter is constantly evolving. Here’s what’s coming soon:

Steam Wishlist Section

Seamlessly manage your Steam wishlist within DeckFilter, keeping your most anticipated games organized and accessible.

Family Sharing Support

Synchronization of multiple Steam accounts, ensuring that your comprehensive game library is accessible through family sharing.

Integrate DeckSettings (ShareDeck / DeckHQ)

Enhance your Steam Deck with integrated settings and community features, fostering a more connected gaming experience.

Dark/Light Mode

Customize your browsing experience with dark/light mode, reducing eye strain and enhancing visual comfort.

Color Themes (LCD/OLED)

Choose between LCD or OLED color themes to further personalize your app interface and improve readability.

Steam Achievements

Celebrate your gaming milestones with direct access to Steam Achievements, offering a rewarding way to track your progress and victories.

Games Blacklist

Maintain a personalized games blacklist to filter out unwanted titles, ensuring your recommendations are perfectly tailored to your preferences.

View Deck Verified Status Details

Access detailed verification info for games, enhancing your decision-making process for a better gaming experience.

Auto-Sync Feature

Ensure your game library and preferences are always up to date with the auto-sync feature, enhancing the app’s usability and your gaming experience.

Filter by Tags

Dive deeper into personalized gaming with precise filters by tags, ensuring you find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Filter by Deck Verified Status

Prioritize compatibility with filters for Steam Deck verified games, offering a seamless gaming experience.

ProtonDB Badges & Filter by ProtonDB

Utilize ProtonDB ratings to ensure optimal game performance and compatibility, with in-depth compatibility details.