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  • NEW Steam Wishlist sync feature
  • added filter options to bookmarks
  • fixed Bug that prevented modals from closing and opening properly
  • improved UI for selects like HLTB Category or Order
  • improved HLTB data syncing process


  • NEW display options to show/hide playtime, HLTB, protonDB badges, deck verified. status, etc
  • improved overall layout and filter


  • Add bookmark functionality to save games to play later.
  • Include free and unvetted games in Steam library sync.
  • Fix scroll to top button position.
  • Show “unknown” instead of “? hours” for untracked HowLongToBeat (HLTB) times.
  • Hide games with “unknown” HLTB hours from the filtered list.
  • Fix ProtonDB “unknown” tier sync issue.
  • Adjust filter button position for better accessibility.


  • fix missing ProtonDB sync for new games
  • add scroll to top button


  • ProtonDB Support: badges, sync, and filter by ProtonDB tiers
  • Small UI improvements


  • Added filtering by deck compatibility


  • Fix tag filter button
  • Tags in alphabetical order


  • Tag filters and tag sync


  • Auto sync playtime on startup
  • Show recently played games first
  • App update notification


  • Public release of DeckFilter

1.0.0 beta 5

  • Removed the last played feature, as it was just not working
  • Removed in-app-browser

1.0.0 beta 4

  • Default games order by last played (Steam library re-sync needed)
  • New “Order by” filter option
  • Improved readability of HLTB hours
  • Increased sync batch size to 25

1.0.0 beta 3

  • Improved app startup
  • ProtonDB link to SteamDeck tab
  • Support section in Settings
  • Improved welcome message
  • “Apply Filter”-Button (filters are still applied on change)

1.0.0 beta 2

  • Improved Layout for bigger Phones and Tablets
  • Tap on a game to open Details View
  • Buttons to open Steam, ProtonDB, and ShareDeck
  • Fixed wrong numbers on sync

1.0.0 beta 1

  • First beta