Steam Deck Companion App

Designed for Steam Deck users to enhance your gaming sessions, DeckFilter offers a personalized way to manage, select, and enjoy your Steam Library games, perfectly aligning with your schedule and preferences.

Library Sync

Seamlessly integrates with your Steam library for a customized gaming experience.

Advanced Filtering

Filter games by completion time for main story, extras or completionist. Focusing on what fits your life.

Game Insights

View all important infos at a glance, like Deck Compatibility, ProtonDB, Deck Settings and many more

The DeckFilter Advantage

Maximize your play with DeckFilter: discover games that fit your schedule and preferences, ensuring every gaming moment is perfectly tailored to you.

Maximized Gaming Hours

Prioritize playing over searching, with games that fit your free time.

No More Guesswork

Know exactly what to play next, without the uncertainty.

Discover Hidden Gems

Unearth games in your library that perfectly match your mood and availability.

Always Updated

Refresh with every Steam purchase, keeping you in the loop.

Perfect Compatibility

Instantly see which games are Steam Deck verified.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Find games that complement your gaming habits and time constraints.

Transform your gaming experience today.

Download DeckFilter and discover the perfect game for every moment—no more mismatches, only gaming bliss. Join now and redefine how you select your next adventure on Steam Deck!