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My All-Time Favorite Steam Deck YouTubers

Whether you’re a seasoned Steam veteran or a newbie who just unboxed your Steam Deck, diving into the community of Steam Deck YouTubers is a fantastic way to enhance your gaming experience. Today, I want to share some of my favorite YouTubers who have not only inspired the creation of DeckFilter but also continue to be a part of its journey. Each of these creators brings something unique to the table, from detailed gameplay videos to insightful commentary on the Steam Deck ecosystem.

Steam Deck Gaming

Steam Deck Gaming is perhaps the premier channel for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with their Steam Deck. What sets this channel apart is its dedication to delivering concise and straightforward content that cuts to the chase—exactly what you need when you’re deciding on your next game purchase or update. As a personal fan and a Patreon supporter, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging directly with the creator. We’ve collaborated on a project and he’s currently beta testing DeckFilter, providing invaluable feedback that helps improve the app.

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Gardiner Bryant

Gardiner Bryant offers a delightful mix of personal charm (that mustache!) and expert knowledge, especially for those who lean towards Linux. His channel provides a “biased” take on gaming that adds personality and relatability to his content. Gardiner is not just a content creator I admire but also a supporter of DeckFilter, even featuring it in his video “Is this the end of Valve time?”. His insights are a great resource for anyone looking to understand more about gaming on the Steam Deck and beyond.

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FanTheDeck proudly holds the title of the world’s first YouTube channel dedicated solely to the Steam Deck. This channel is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and game reviews that every Deck owner should check out. Recently, I reached out to him on Twitter, and started a conversation about DeckFilter. He even suggested a small yet significant feature that could enhance the app. His enthusiasm and community-focused approach make his channel a must-follow.

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Last but certainly not least, DeckReady, hosted by Jimmy Champane, is your laid-back, yet informative source for all things Steam Deck. Jimmy’s engaging style and comprehensive coverage make it easy for viewers to stay informed about the latest Steam Deck news. Interestingly, Jimmy’s enthusiasm is not limited to just the Steam Deck; he also runs a channel called PSReady, which convinced me to buy a PS5 already! I hope we can get in touch soon, Jimmy! 🤓

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Why Follow These Channels?

Following these YouTubers not only keeps you informed about the latest in Steam Deck gaming but also connects you with vibrant and knowledgeable communities. Each creator brings their unique perspective, enhancing your overall gaming experience. As a bonus, engaging with these channels helps support content creators who add tremendous value to our gaming lives.

Engage and Enhance Your Steam Deck Journey

As a creator of DeckFilter, interacting with these YouTubers has been instrumental in shaping the app and enhancing its functionality. If you’re as passionate about Steam Deck as I am, I highly recommend checking out these channels. Subscribe, engage in the comments, and maybe even join their Patreon communities to support them further.

Felix Hirschfeld

Ever since I got my first Game Boy at age 5, I’ve been hooked on gaming, especially those with compelling narratives. Fast forward to today, as a web developer and app creator, my enduring love for gaming fueled the idea to blend the best parts of my world: coding and gaming. The Steam Deck inspired me to integrate my profession with my love for games in a new way.


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