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DeckFilter v1.5.0 is available now

I’m excited to share the latest update to DeckFilter, version 1.5.0! Here’s what’s new:

New Features

  • Game Settings: Easily access ShareDeck and SDHQ reports from game details.
  • Tags Modal: Now displays the number of games associated with each tag.
  • ProtonDB “Native” Tier: Added support for this tier on your wishlist.
  • HLTB Button: Quickly visit the HLTB site from the game details.

Bug Fixes

  • Backdrop Flash: Resolved the flashing issue in all modals.
  • Wishlist Sync: Fixed the problem where games not on the wishlist weren’t being removed.
  • Wishlist HLTB & ProtonDB Sync: Addressed sync bugs to ensure accurate updates.

You can pick up DeckFilter from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store below:

Game Settings

Easily access ShareDeck and SDHQ reports directly from the game detail. The button allows you to see whether there are any game settings or performance reports for the game on SDHQ or ShareDeck with just one click (or touch). When you click on the report, you are taken to the respective website and can view more details.

Tags Modal

The tags modal now displays the number of games associated with each tag. This enhancement makes it easier to organize and filter your game library, giving you a clear view of your collection’s structure.

ProtonDB “Native” Tier

I added support for the ProtonDB “Native” tier on your wishlist. This means you can now see which games are natively supported on Linux.

HLTB Button

The HLTB button links directly to for more detailed information or to contribute your own completion times. This feature allows you to quickly navigate to the site for additional data and community insights.

Download the latest version to enjoy these improvements and keep your gaming experience smooth and enjoyable!

Felix Hirschfeld

Ever since I got my first Game Boy at age 5, I’ve been hooked on gaming, especially those with compelling narratives. Fast forward to today, as a web developer and app creator, my enduring love for gaming fueled the idea to blend the best parts of my world: coding and gaming. The Steam Deck inspired me to integrate my profession with my love for games in a new way.


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